Hot Shots


Hot Shots is a tennis program for children in New Zealand, which is designed to introduce them to the sport of tennis in a fun and engaging way. The program is part of Tennis New Zealand’s initiative to develop tennis skills in children from a young age, and to encourage them to continue playing tennis as they grow older.

The Hot Shots program is tailored to the age and ability level of each child and uses modified equipment and smaller court sizes to make the game more accessible and enjoyable for young players. Children progress through different levels as they develop their skills, with each level offering a new set of challenges and opportunities to improve their tennis abilities.

The Hot Shots program has been very successful in New Zealand and has helped to increase participation in tennis among children across the country. It is also a great way for children to make new friends, develop their coordination and motor skills, and have fun while staying active and healthy.

The Hot Shots is run by Tennis South Canterbury, to book the term please send them an email to