Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to take your game to the next level or a complete beginner eager to learn the sport, I have a wide range of tennis programs tailored to meet your needs. Explore the various programs we offer, including Cardio Tennis, Private Lessons, and Hot Shots, and discover the perfect fit for your tennis journey.

Coaching is provided all year round at Trust Aoraki Tennis Centre, Wai-iti Tennis Club, Geraldine Domain, and Temuka Domain.

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Cardio Tennis

The Cardio Tennis program is designed to combine the excitement of tennis with the benefits of a heart-pumping cardio workout. The ladies’ group fitness session incorporates drills and games that elevate your heart rate while improving your tennis skills. Regardless of your fitness level, Cardio Tennis offers a fun and social environment where you can burn calories, improve your overall fitness, and enjoy the thrill of the game.


Hot Shots

The Hot Shots program is designed specifically for young tennis enthusiasts. Through modified equipment and smaller court sizes, children are introduced to tennis in a fun and engaging manner. Hot Shots offers a progressive curriculum that allows children to develop their skills at their own pace. With a focus on age-appropriate drills, games, and friendly competitions, Hot Shots creates an enjoyable and supportive environment for children to foster their love for tennis while enhancing their coordination and motor skills.

Private Lessons

For those seeking personalised attention and tailored instruction, my private lessons are the ideal choice. Work closely with an experienced coach to receive one-on-one guidance, focusing on specific areas you wish to improve. Whether you’re aiming to perfect your technique, strategize for matches, or address specific challenges, my private lessons offer a customised learning experience to help you reach your tennis goals efficiently.